Filmmaker. Writer. Historian. Director .Composer

I`m a freelance filmmaker, director, writer, historian and composer.

I originally started in 2005 with short films based on the paranormal.

In 2012 I started to produce a range of films based on history and it`s

relationship to the paranormal.


In my earlier life, I was a time served police officer with a commended experience

as a detective and analytical intelligence officer.


My appearance is deliberately `old school` which for viewers engenders the

spirit of the past, as I visit a number of historic sites both here in the UK, and locations abroad.


My earlier work is currently available through Old Mill Entertainment on Amazon, although I have now started my own film site on Amazon with the first new

show being, The Haunting of M.R.James. (see link)


In addition, I am also a writer of ghost genre stories and am a capable music composer which I use as scores in some of my productions.


I am entirely self-taught and have made significant progress with my work over the


As such I have many fans following my work through Youtube and my home page

on FaceBook. 

My intention with all my work is to be openly honest, informative and interesting as possible whilst investigating the paranormal, and hopefully, a good distance away from `reality tv` type shows.

I hope you`ll follow my shows on Amazon.




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