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My Musical Compositions

Over the years, I`ve composed a number of compositions to use in my productions.

Previously, I had no musical training but always have had a `feel` for music but no means to express it. That changed in 2014 when I discovered that I could express that ability by utilising music composition software.


All compositions copyright of Haunted Earth Films & tv

(Scroll down to listen)


Requiem to a Writer


I scored this piece for my para-documentary on

Essex Witches


This short composition is named after a book by the author

Sabine Baring-Gould who was a rector at East Mersea

in Essex, England where I shot a para-documentary on the history of this church.  Due to the location being close to the

sea, I wanted something with a nautical flavour

March of the Templars

In 2014 I shot a para-documentary on the history of the

Knight`s Templar entitled, Tower of the Templars.

I utilised the Duduk, a twin reeded flute from Armenia

to re-create a Templar sound which worked really well


Here is the theme music composed for my production, Murder in the Red Barn.

An infamous case of lust, murder and the paranormal

Dreams of Venezia

(Formerly  Upbeat Monastic)

I composed this simply because of my love for Venice.

It has featured in whole or in part in a few productions


Another non-film piece, but used in productions 

Warriors Return

I composed this piece for a para-documentary on 

Baconsthorpe Castle, Norfolk.

I wanted the piece to recreate a medieval patrol returning

to the castle


Just a piece I composed for fun.

The images are my own photographs


A jazz composition I wrote for fun


A piece I composed from visiting this Italian city

(Shot at Arlesford, Essex)


For a documentary on Tilbury Fort in Essex

Tilbury March

A military march or a documentary on Tilbury Fort in Essex


I wanted to chill .......


A trailer video made in 2014. The main track is Arcadia

Dark Matter

A play around piece for a horror sequence

Heavy Metal in Sepia

My first `heavy metal` composition



Composed for my upcoming documentary on Venice, this piece fittingly

reflects the past glory of this wonderful city

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