Over a few months, I`ve been researching a medieval trackway that still exists as

a public footpath between Cressing Temple, (a former Knight`s Templar preceptory) and the nearby village of White Notley.

To give a sense of depth and perspective, I employed my new Mavic drone to video the landscape from above which illustrates the near-pristine landscape perfectly.

I later performed a ghost box session at a point where a Victorian-era railway line bisects the footpath and received some very interesting responses from a P-SB7 ghost box.

During the session, a French couple identified themselves to me, and perhaps more sinister a voice called me a `Jew`, and `Judas`.

I`m not Jewish, although my great grandmother was. But the essential point here was that at no time did I share that information.

On a lighter note, I took my dear Staffie, Poppy with me as an extra.

And as you can see in this video, she made a few attempts at bringing down

the drone!

All in all, an interesting experience and one I hope that you will enjoy.







Here is an investigation from the ruins of an 11th-century church dedicated to St Martin, at Shotesham, Norfolk with Eddie Mallett. The church was once owned by St Benets Abbey but was made ruinous after the reformation and has survived to the present day where it is open for the general public and is still used occasionally for open-air services.


Here is a short taster from a new 50-minute show that explores the question as to whether or not `ghost boxes` are effective as spirit communication devices, or whether, as some critics claim, that they merely consist of random radio transmissions and nothing else. In this show, I challenge that attitude and demonstrate its effectiveness in spirit contact sessions.










Following on from Santon Church, I was invited by Patricia Burke to investigate her beautiful country home which has some interesting past owners from a Baron to a Bishop. The investigation brought light anomalies, EVP and history brought to life in an almost hour-long investigation. Shared here is but a short trailer.


A Haunting




Once more we return to one of the most haunted church buildings I have ever

visited in my career.

All Saints Church, Santon, Norfolk is the third manifestation of a small church to be built on site. The first was believed to be a small chapel built for medieval travellers on religious  pilgrimages, and that had gone to ruin by the time of the reformation in England.

The second church was built by a tax collector in the 17th century , and that is where the ghost of Santon originated in the form of the late Richard Kendall who practised there and was later thrown out of the living for `immoral and licentious behaviour` during the era of the Civil War. On the restoration of monarchy, Kendall was invited back into the living by the Royalists, and returned once more to Santon.

After Kendall`s death, the church became ruinous once more until the 19th century when the Reverend Weller Poley had the building rebuilt, (and it is believed) that Augustus Welby Pugin (a friend) designed the interior and particularly in the chancel.

The church was unwanted by the neighbouring St Marys Church due to low congregations and high maintenance, and so it became redundant in the 1970`s with the building being placed in trust for visitors to attend during the day, and with permission, at night.

On this occasion we were joined by Patricia Burke, a former investigator with a Surrey based group, Spiral Paranormal. 

Some interesting activity was captured and will be available later via Amazon.


The Ghosts




Filmed October 2019 in the USA after visiting three states is a new show which visits four allegedly haunted sites connected to organised crime in the late twenties to mid-thirties.

Shot principally around the activities of the gangster, John Dillinger, I visit Crown Point Jail in Indiana from where Dillinger escaped in 1934, and then to the Little Bohemian Lodge in Wisconsin where Dillinger later had a machine gun battle with Federal agents before being able to flee.


From there we travel to the Biograph Theatre in Chicago which was the setting for Dillinger`s death later in 1934 at the hands of Federal agents tasked with arresting him.

Included is an extra feature focussing on a brewery in Illinois where, allegedly, Al Capone murdered 6 men whom he had buried in a cellar wall lining an artesian well.

This documentary in two parts will also include historical material presented by narratives, and included are two full night paranormal investigations where on one, in Dillinger`s Cell at Crown Point, Indiana we reach out to those imprisoned there with some excellent results.


Here is an extended trailer for my new show, `A Night in a

Medieval Tower`.

Shot on location at Baconsthorpe Castle with Eddie Mallett, the show focusses on two cells within the inner gatehouse at the castle - and with some surprising results!

The castle has featured in the past with night investigations

which have produced some great EVP and light anomalies.

Running for just under an hour, the full show is packed with activity.


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House of the Puritans

Here is a truncated version from the main show of my

documentary examining the Puritans.

The Puritans were historically one of the most significant Protestant splinter groups since the reformation. They are perhaps better known to many as the earliest settlers to the New World which later become the USA. They were firebrand preachers against their perceived view of immorality and disdained music, singing and dancing. Before and after the English civil war they were one of the most persecuted groups and yet rose to prominence during the reign of Cromwell. They later themselves became persecutors of another Protestant splinter group, the Quakers. After the return of royalty in the form of Charles II, they were proscribed by church and state from preaching their beliefs unless they accepted the book of common prayer and the rule of Charles II. Many couldn`t accept this and so these independents were persecuted and detained. They were great educators, however, with Harvard University being founded by them. In many respects, they were quite enigmatic, and here I attempt to share their story from a Puritan Chapel in deepest rural Suffolk. The worshippers at this puritan chapel did not emigrate to America but their beliefs and practices remained the same and using this chapel, I attempt to explain their history and their impact on the modern world.

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Here is a brief taster for my forthcoming documentary on Venice.
I fell in love with the city in 2009, and steadily over the years the city has gained more tourists, which has impacted on the  Venetians who can no longer afford to buy or rent. 

As a result, they are now a dying entity with thousands leaving the city never to return.  Adding the cruise ships and the abundance of rental properties and the booming hotel industry the city is slowly devolving into a shabby theme park where Venetians struggle to survive. Is this the future. Or can this decline be reversed?
In Post Production


On Amazon Prime is an exciting 6 episode series that covers a  range of subjects with an unusual historical or paranormal connection.

Introduced and explored by Chris Halton, this series visits many historical places and focusses on key events or people connected to them.

Each main presentation will include a paranormal investigation with a full history provided of every location presented by your host and guide







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