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The Puritans were historically one of the most significant Protestant splinter groups since the reformation. They are perhaps better known to many as the earliest settlers to the New World which later become the USA.


They were firebrand preachers against their perceived view of immorality, and before and after the English civil war they were one of the most persecuted groups and yet rose to prominence during the reign of Cromwell.


They later themselves became persecutors of another Protestant splinter group, the Quakers. After the return of royalty in the form of Charles II, they were proscribed by church and state from preaching their beliefs unless they accepted the book of common prayer and the rule of Charles II.


Many couldn`t accept this and so these independents were persecuted and detained.  Here I attempt to share their story from a Puritan Chapel in deepest rural Suffolk. 


A night spent by two investigators inside a haunted medieval tower which is rich in history and haunted activity.


The structure was built by an unscrupulous medieval lawyer to protect himself and his family from those wronged by him in shady business deals.


And within there is talk of murder. Care to step inside?

Here is a small part of a one hour show featuring Crown Point Jail, Indiana where John Dillinger was brought to face trial on a charge of murder and subsequently escaped.

This is the first part of a miniseries on Dillinger and the mob where actual locations connected to them are visited and investigated for paranormal activity.

This trailer gives a brief historical outline and shares just a tiny bit of the activity captured in a one hour show packed with history and ghostly activity.


Here is the second instalment of my miniseries on John Dillinger.

A slight diversion. This was a visit to a former brewery connected allegedly to Al Capone and the mob with no direct link to Dillinger - but nevertheless, and interesting facet of contemporary American crime history in the town of Thornton, Illinois.


The building dates from 1857 and has many interesting stories. Particularly the ghost of the nightwatchman, a Mr Hunt! Join us, as we investigate a limestone aquifer chamber which has been reported as being notoriously haunted.


I was invited by Patricia Burke to investigate her beautiful country home which has some interesting past owners from a Baron to a Bishop. The investigation brought light anomalies, EVP and history brought to life in an almost hour-long investigation. Shared here is but a short trailer.


Here is a fresh investigation at Santon Church, Norfolk. Once a church used for services until 1970 when it became redundant.


Today it is owned by Norfolk County Council who allow local people to open the building for public visits and paranormal investigations. The building has a fascinating history being the third rebuild on-site and is haunted by a later vicar who makes his presence always known to whoever visits this very active building.


Here is a short taster from a new 50-minute show that explores the question as to whether or not `ghost boxes` are effective as spirit communication devices, or whether, as some critics claim, that they merely consist of random radio transmissions and nothing else.


In this show, I challenge that attitude and demonstrate its effectiveness in spirit contact sessions.


A spiritual journey across a lost landscape that was moulded by the order of the Knight`s Templar and today remains as part of a public walkway in a near-pristine valley landscape explored by Chris Halton, with some interesting responses recorded on a ghost box.


Seven years ago, I shot a documentary on a former CofE church being All Saints, Little Wenham, Suffolk.


Built during the 13th century the church survived through the aeons of time until the 20th century when the then decrepit building was declared surplus to requirements.


What saved this church was the beautiful medieval wall murals which were hidden under post-reformist whitewash revealed by peeling paint in the 1960s. Today, it is run by the Churches Conservation Trust and may be visited during daylight hours. The building is, as you will also see very haunted.

Here is a short trailer of a visit I filmed to the command bunker site at the former RAF Rivenhall which was used by both the USAAF and RAF during WW2. An interesting engagement with personnel on the ghost box, of which a small section is provided here.

Here is a small section from the new historical documentary and night shoot at Burgh Castle in company with Eddie Mallett and Patricia Burke.
The section shared deals with a ghost box session when Eddie`s full name was spoken. This followed with a particularly interesting session which you will see. Also captured was some amazing EVP on a walkabout in the castle

Here is a taster video for my show, `SECRETS OF THE CASTLE DEAD`, and focusses on a particularly haunted medieval site which is Baconsthorpe Castle in Norfolk. On two past occasions, spirit spoke about murders being committed. On this visit, we decide to attempt to find out what this dark secret was about, with some surprising results! In this taster video from a one-hour show, we reveal part of what was elicited from a ghost box Q&A, and spirit names the murderer(s). One being the founder of the castle - John Heydon!

A very short taster from a one hour show filmed at the ruins of Tunstall Church in Norfolk, and to be entitled, The Haunting at Tunstall. On the same night, we met by chance a Suffolk based group, Ness Point Paranormal who joined us on this investigation. (Follow them @


In this short clip, spirit identifies the thief who stole church bells in the 17th century, and Eddie chats with a local family buried at the church.

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