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Filmed in April 2018 on location in East Anglia, this documentary attempts to focus on the writer`s belief in the paranormal by examining his life and experiences.


James, highly regarded as the father of the modern ghost story would never publicly admit in life to paranormal experiences, yet there is ample evidence that suggested he did believe, albeit privately.


We also look at two interpretations of his work by the directors, Jonathan Miller and Lawrence Gordon Clark by visiting locations used in both shows which cleverly evoke the landscape upon which James`s work is based.


Written and co-presented by Chris Halton, in partnership with Ursula Bielski the well known and highly respected author and television folklorist from the USA, the documentary also stars both ourselves, with the voice of M.R James being performed by Gerry Hughes a broadcasting voice artiste with career experience in public radio.


The entire film was shot and directed by Jason Figgis, an award-winning film director from Dublin, Eire, who is also the show`s editor. 


The show is now available on Amazon.

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Here below are links to the landing page on Amazon UK or Amazon US

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A new specially extended preview of the new documentary on the life and beliefs of Montague Rhodes James and the interpretation of his

ghost stories as shared by Jonathan Miller and Lawrence Gordon Clark for the BBC `ghost stories at Christmas` strand.

A discussion on the documentary, Ghosts & M.R James with 

Ursula Bielski and Chris Halton the co-presenters.

Shot in December 2018 in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

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