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Depicted below is a photo taken on location at Greyfriars, Dunwich This was a Franciscan friary in the county of Suffolk.

It was founded in 1277 and dissolved in 1538.

All that remains today is the precinct wall with two gatehouses, and the South range of the cloister, possibly the refectory.

Some Background

I had recently completed a shoot in nearby Dunwich Woods - a location used in the 1968 Jonathan Miller production of

`Whistle and I`ll Come to You` by M.R.James, and 

on completion, we gathered in the veiling fog with the main gatehouse behind us to capture a group photograph.

Later, and on review, I discovered on that day the impression of spectral forms of what appears to be medieval peasants who

had gathered by the entrance gate.

It was common practice for the poor to visit houses of 

a religious institution to beg for food, etc; from the Almoner.

Perhaps this was a flashback to those times.

Photograph 1

(main group original)


While looking at the image look between myself (in 1930`s clothing) and Eddie Mallett (in red) who played Mr Ager from `A Warning to the Curious`.

Roughly, and in the top middle, you may have observed a figure.

Photograph 2

Here in this close-up, you can see what appears to be a couple.

On the left (facing), it looks like a woman wearing a white coif with a

bearded man to the right. Between them it looks like a small child. And possibly, a figure with blonde hair to the far right.



Photograph 3

Here the original image showing the anomaly transposed

over a normal daylight image to give balance and 




During the capture of this image, there were no other persons


It is said that fog or mist attracts spiritual activity, and could on

this cold early April day in 2018 be such an occasion for

a gathering? 

If so, one wonders whether this was residual energy depicting

a tragic event from the distant past, or active spiritual energy

that still haunts this ancient medieval site?


A medieval coif

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