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Welcome to my main website.

Here is a collection of my work, life and interests from writing, filmmaking, music composition, history, photography and the paranormal.


I am fairly well known across the internet for my film work and have been an investigator of the paranormal for the last 12 years as well a tv historian.

I have travelled and filmed in Europe and the USA,  and present all my shows.


I enjoy filming in ancient and historic places from church ruins to castles and have a deep love of history, architecture, and the legends associated with historic locations.

I don`t fit into the traditional image of a `ghost hunter`, because my work and interests are far more than that, and would consider what I do to be unique in the world of film and television.


I have appeared on CNN, TV7 (Bulgaria) and BBC radio.

My work has been viewed across tv networks in Europe and further afield.








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